The one part of our activity is foreign transport. We are prepared for this very professionally. Our services are extensive that’s why we are the leader in a foreign transport. We really know how to successfully and safely reach to the right point. We take care about the quality of our services by continual investing and increasing qualifications of our personnel. Everything we do- we do with passion! We guarantee that transported goods are safe, because they all are insured. Our drivers can always communicate with forwarding agents. Effective transporting goods is our mission and its creates our quality.         

Our strength is flexibility. We have adapted to the market’s needs. We work in such countries as: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Scandinavia. We can go everywhere, it depends on clients’ needs! We aren’t afraid of challenges or demanding clients. We  specialize in transporting whole vehicle load and less than container load using every sort of trucks. We actually transport everything, including dangerous material ADR. We have got all necessary licenses and documents for working in foreign transport. Those documents allow us to move across particular countries or special zones.

Our offer is constructed to match with the clients’ needs. In our base we have got trucks that have various cubature and load from 24 tons with possibility to reload at once to 34 EUR pallet.

You can also find in our offer express supply of goods.

We work really fast and we aren’t afraid of new possibilities.

National transport

We work in Poland and in other countries. In national transport as well as in foreign transport we are honest, reliable and we do everything on time.

We realize Full Truck Load transport, partial transport and transport of dangerous material ADR, secondary raw materials etc. Every order is individually treated by our company.

Our clients can be sure that the goods will be delivered to the right place- fast, safely, comfortable for both sites. The trust that our company is given from clients is precious.

We do our best to make our clients satisfied. The time of realization is crucial for every clients so we do everything to deliver goods as fast as it is possible.

We also store products and reloading goods for our clients.

The company owns storehouse. We offer a full range of services connected to storage- loading, unloading, checking the quantity of the load and distribution packages.